Who We Are

               eNaturals is all about caring for our mother earth and giving her back to the best of our abilities. We as humans have been exploiting all her resources every minute and causing big concern for generations to come. Unless we don’t think of giving back to our mother earth, the sustenance of humans on earth would be like a lost era as of the dinosaurs. In an actual sense, we are the living dinosaurs. We at eNarurals enable our customers to join our journey and passion of doing little, but with a large impact on our environment. Our eNaturals platform helps you identify all environmentally friendly products under one roof. All the products hosted on our website are environmentally friendly and have Zero or close to Zero impact on our environment. Our product range focuses on all items which have a smaller footprint in terms of their use but has a positive impact on the environment. We have just begun our journey as a passionate startup and want you to join us in our mission of giving back.

Please feel free to reach us for any queries. Thank you.

Naturally yours,
Dipti Sadvilkar

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