Natural Body Loofah


Product Details:

•    Exfoliation: The natural fibers of loofahs are ideal to be used for the scrubbing process.

What are the properties of fibers? They are durable and do not possess elasticity.

Thus, they easily remove dead skin cells, remove pollutants, and reveal glowing skin.

Even, it removes dirt & pollutants trapped between skin pores.
•    Safe: Loofahs are natural and do not comprise any type of artificial chemical.

They are safe for the skin and do not cause any skin-related issues.
•    Blood Circulation: Scrubbing increases blood circulation that

helps in removing harmful substances & toxins from the skin.
•    Gentle Scrubbing: The gentle scrubbing will not show any

harsh effect on skin and easily remove dirt from the outer layer of skin.

There are advantages of using natural loofahs over non-natural ones.

Unlike the artificial one, the use of natural products does not create inflammation

and irritation on skin conditions & mainly is sustainable plus eco-friendly.

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